The Average Business Owner Does 
Receive All Tax Advantages 
Because They Either Did Not Know
About Them Or Did Not Provide The
 Data To Their Tax
Professional, Losing Hundreds Of
Thousands Of Dollars.

If you are like most business owners you would like to be more profitable so that you could either reinvest in your company or take home more income for your hard work. 
Triangle Business Advisors helps businesses large and small, reduce taxes and other expenses quickly, all without changing your current business practices or vendors. There are little to no time requirements from you, the owner. We do all the work for you. Our services have saved hundreds of companies millions of dollars – our only payment is a share of what you save.

We are not an accounting firm, we work with your current accountant or CPA to get the results you deserve. Absolutely no risk to you, as we do not get paid until you get results. 
If Your Company Wants to Increase Profits, We Can Probably Help
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • R & D Tax Credit
  •  Commercial Property Depreciation 
  •  Property Tax Reduction
  • Corporate Loans
  • Workers Comp Audit and Refunds
  • Credit Card Fee Reduction
  •  Structured Exit Planning
And Many Other Programs
About Us
Triangle Business Advisors, originally opened to provide Voluntary benefits to businesses to help employees offset the high deductible health plans that were being implemented. As the TBA grew, it was discovered business owners needed help with expenses too as profit margins continued to shrink. We felt we needed to find a solution for these owners.

Introduction of Stryde Savings. TBA discovered Stryde Savings in 2016 and became an authorized representative. Stryde with it’s sister company, Growth Management Group, has saved companies throughout America hundreds of millions of dollars over it’s 15+ year history.

Using the services of Stryde and GMG, we are able to increase profits (save) for business owners over $20,000 per year sustained. Larger companies save even more. But, we can do more for the business owner, like providing loans of any type (AR, Building, SBA, etc.) as well as a structured exit strategy when it comes time for the owner to retire.

In as little as 20 minutes, over the phone, using our proprietary tools, we can estimate your company's savings.
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